Whether summer or winter: cars need the right tires for every weather. If you don't feel like changing tires, you can also opt for a hybrid version. In our weekly ranking, we show you the best all-season tires – according to ADAC.

When the seasons change, many drivers prepare for different weather conditions by changing their tires. To avoid this procedure, however, some opt for all-season tires. These are a hybrid of summer and winter tires. The tires are supposed to be just as safe and comfortable at minus ten degrees Celsius as they are at 30 degrees plus.

The best all-season tires in comparison

While all-season tires were long considered a poor compromise between summer and winter tires, according to the ADAC there is now a good selection of models that meet different requirements. This is because increasing customer demand has not only increased the quantity of products, but also their quality.

The automobile club has therefore taken a closer look at 16 tires and tested them under both summer and winter conditions – even in wet conditions and on various test sites. In the following ranking we show you the best all-season tires in comparison.

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10th place: Nankang Cross Seasons AW-6

Tenth place in the ranking of the best all-season tires goes to the Nankang Cross Seasons AW-6 according to ADAC. The automobile club awarded the Note 3,7The model delivered the best results on wet roads and in winter conditions. The tire received good marks in braking distance measurements on snow and ice. The ADAC rated the performance in traction measurements and snow handling as satisfactory.

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