Avtotor's Amber was actually supposed to be Russia's attempt at its own electric car. But instead of a design breakthrough, so far there has only been ridicule: the car is currently being traded online as the ugliest car in the world. Rightly so?

“Ugliest car in the world” – this is how the prototype of a Russian electric car called Amber is currently being mocked online. The vehicle is red, has a shape that is difficult to describe, very small windows and headlights that look like a pair of eyes staring into the distance.

According to media reports, the Russian car manufacturer Avtotor commissioned the model from Moscow Polytech University. Before the war with Ukraine, the Kaliningrad plant was best known for producing BMW, Ford and Kia. However, due to Western sanctions, production of these brands there is currently at a standstill. Instead, the car manufacturer is working on Amber.

Ugliest car in the world: Is the prototype even real?

According to plans, most of the Amber's components, such as the motor, battery and control boards, will come from Russia. However, there is no more detailed information about this – neither from the university nor from the car manufacturer.

Only the design is known. And this is being widely mocked online. X-User Levan Ramishvili For example, describes the car as a Tesla killer. Other users particularly criticize the Amber's staring headlights. Some compared the car to the one already ridiculed Fiat Multipla.

However, if you dig through the mocking posts on social media, you will also come across an explanation for the strange design. One According to X-Post The Amber is by no means a production-ready prototype. Instead, the car is an aggregate carrier for testing the car's components. The body of the so-called “test mule” apparently comes from an older, well-known model.

University defends itself against the ridicule

The University in Moscow also apparently felt compelled to make a statement. On Telegram she writes:

The images with the red vehicle have nothing to do with the external appearance of Avtotor's own electric car, which is currently being worked on. The photos circulating show a universal subframe developed by specialists at the Moscow Polytechnic that is used to test the functionality of all systems of the future vehicle. It makes it possible to install any unit and test the system assembled into a single system in motion.

The Amber is apparently scheduled to go into series production from 2025. Around 50,000 vehicles could then roll off the assembly line every year. However, to what extent this is true and what the electric car from Russia will ultimately look like remains unclear due to the lack of facts.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2024/01/02/haesslichstes-auto-der-welt/

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