Google recently integrated the AI ​​Overview function into its search engine in the USA. The goal: An AI should summarize answers to search queries and display them at the top of the search. So far, however, the answers that appear there are sometimes questionable or even nonsensical.

Google is increasingly relying on artificial intelligence. In the USA, for example, the company recently integrated the AI ​​Overview function into its search. An AI summarizes answers to search queries and displays them at the top of the search. The AI ​​overview is to be introduced in other countries by the end of the year, although it has not yet been completely convincing.

AI Overview: Google AI spits out nonsensical answers

Numerous screenshots of bizarre and even nonsensical answers from AI Overview are currently doing the rounds on social media. The reason: Apparently, in many cases, the AI ​​behind it cannot distinguish serious information from jokes or satire.

Google told CNBC Meanwhile, the company said that many of the examples were unusual requests. The company added: “The vast majority of AI overviews provide high-quality information with links to further information online.” Some examples were even fake.

However, many users replied that Google had fixed the errors. Both can only be verified to a limited extent. In the following ranking we show you the most nonsensical answers from the AI ​​search AI Overview.

1. Pizza with glue

If there is too much sauce on the pizza, the cheese topping may not stay where it should. But don't panic, Google's AI search has a solution: simply mix the sauce with some non-toxic glue and voilà; the cheese won't slip anymore.

(Bild: X-Screenshot @PixelButts)

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