Statistics show that the average German citizen looks at their smartphone up to 2,500 times per day. Even if the cell phone is used less often, the fact that millions of germs, bacteria or viruses quickly spread on the surface does not change. The pathogens only survive on a stainless steel or plastic surface for a maximum of three days.
Nevertheless, the organisms have enough time to spread. Smartphone owners should not expose themselves to this risk.

Effective protection of the smartphone surface

Cell phone owners can combat this problem by cleaning the display regularly. However, smartphone users should under no circumstances resort to aggressive cleaning products that contain soap. Otherwise, consumers risk having the surface of smartphones destroyed.

Mobile phone displays have oil-repellent components to effectively protect the surface from grease or fingerprints.

In most cases it is sufficient to use a normal screen cleaner.

Cleaning the smartphone display
Smartphone users should never use aggressive cleaning products that contain soap – Bild: © Malik/ #627176996

Apple recommendations

Cell phone users should avoid using disinfectants because these cleaning products usually only kill bacteria and not viruses. To minimize the possible risk of infection, it makes sense to clean the displays with alcohol-based disinfectants.
The iPhone provider Apple recommends cleaning products that contain 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. Alternatively, Clorox disinfectant wipes are a good choice.

Cleaning products smartphone
The iPhone provider Apple recommends cleaning products that contain 70 percent isopropyl alcohol – Image: © New Africa #368659820

Clean cell phones properly – this is how it works

Before cleaning, smartphone owners should make sure that the devices are not connected to a power source. Before disinfection, it therefore makes sense to switch off the cell phones completely and let the device cool down.

Smartphone owners should also avoid spraying the cleaning agent directly onto the display.

The risk is too high that the liquid will penetrate into the connection sockets or housing openings and damage the inside of the smartphone. To clean the display, cell phone users should best use a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth.
After wetting the cloth with the cleaning agent, you can use it to wipe the front and back. In addition, cell phone owners should also remember to wipe down the smartphone case.

Measures to reduce germ infestation

Some preventative measures effectively counteract the accumulation of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens on your smartphone. This protection begins with small steps. For example, it is important not to carry your cell phone with you in particularly dirty areas such as public toilets.
After applying lotion to their hands, consumers should only pick up the smartphone again when they are dry. Otherwise, oily residue will form on the display, which will promote the formation of bacteria. In addition, smartphones don’t belong on the dining table.


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