The tech industry has been booming for a long time. But in the recent past, reports of mass layoffs have increased. With Apple, however, a large corporation has so far been spared layoffs. The backgrounds.

The time of optimistic forecasts in the tech industry should be over for the time being. Because the weak economic prospects also have the large corporations firmly in their grip.

In the past few months, Amazon, Meta and Co. have almost given each other a hand with reports of mass layoffs. It was not uncommon for numbers in the five-digit range to be mentioned.

But one tech group in particular stands out from the crowd. Because Apple is not affected by the general trend like that Wall Street Journal analyzed.

Why are there no layoffs at Apple?

Of course, given the current market situation, Apple is not safe from having to make layoffs sooner or later.

According to that WSJ the group could announce a decline in sales for the first time in more than three years in the quarterly report next month.

Nevertheless, Apple has not yet joined Meta, Amazon and Co. in terms of mass layoffs.

Less growth means less fall

During the peak phase of the corona pandemic, many digital companies created masses of jobs. The boom in the digital world seemed unstoppable.

Apple has been a little more cautious here and has been hiring significantly slower than other tech giants. In the three fiscal years between 2019 and 2022, Apple increased its workforce by only about 20 percent. The group thus had a total of around 164,000 full-time employees.

For comparison: During this period, Amazon doubled the number of its employees, with Facebook parent Meta there was an increase of 94 percent. At Microsoft, the number rose by 53 percent, at Google’s parent Alphabet by 57 percent.

Will Apple still make layoffs?

But there could also be a reduction in jobs at Apple. According to that WSJ Analyst Tom Forte expects that the number of employees at Apple will also decrease.

However, the group could do this “quietly and quietly through fluctuation”. Employees who leave the company simply would not be replaced in this case.

What about the other tech giants?

Alphabet is the latest addition to the list of mass layoffs at tech companies. The company announced just a week ago that it would cut 12,000 jobs worldwide.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai explained the announcement in a message to employees with the “dramatic period of growth” in the past two years. “To accommodate and drive that growth, we hired for a different economic reality than today,” Das quotes as saying WSJ from writing.

Microsoft and Meta had previously announced that they would cut thousands of jobs. At Microsoft, the workforce is to be reduced by 10,000 jobs, Meta even has to lay off 11,000 employees.

However, Amazon is the leader. Because the group confirmed at the beginning of January that it wanted to cut around 18,000 jobs.

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