WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. This is also the reason why many companies and individuals choose to build their websites with the CMS. We tested the managed WordPress hosting from IONOS.

What is IONOS WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting from IONOS is hosting that specializes in WordPress websites. This means that you not only rent the infrastructure and storage space for your website, but that you also have the technical experience of IONOS at your disposal. You take care of the creation of your posts and pages and IONOS helps you with the setup on the one hand, but also with maintenance and updates.

If you’re new to WordPress, managed WordPress hosting is an easy and quick way to build your website. To do this, you select your domain, install WordPress in a few minutes with the help of IONOS and then take care of the setup step-by-step, for example the theme and plugins.

The WordPress version at IONOS does not differ from the official version. If you choose WordPress hosting with IONOS, you will always get the latest software version. Accordingly, the customization options do not differ from each other.

Set up your website with WordPress hosting from IONOS now

Who is IONOS WordPress hosting suitable for?

In particular, the managed WordPress hosting that we tested in this article is suitable for beginners who have not yet had any experience with website creation. The wizard guides you through the various steps when setting up the WordPress backend and provides a practical pre-selection of themes and plugins.

Accordingly, managed WordPress hosting is often not the right product for experienced WordPress users. The “normal” tariffs for WordPress hosting from IONOS are more suitable here, as there are more freedom and design options.

WordPress hosting from IONOS: GDPR and data protection

Since the introduction of the GDPR, data protection has been one of the most important points for many website operators when it comes to hosting. IONOS WordPress hosting is fully GDPR-compliant, as all servers are located in Germany. In addition, website operators have different functions to integrate the data protection regulations on the website.

Testing WordPress hosting from IONOS

We have tested the WordPress hosting from IONOS ourselves, below we will show you step-by-step how the setup works.

Start WordPress hosting setup

In the first step, log into your IONOS account and select the WordPress installation. Before you start setting up, choose a title for your site. This only serves as an internal working title for you and otherwise has no effect. Then select the “Create website” button to start the setup.

IONOS then immediately starts laying the technical foundation of your website. You cannot make any settings now, but wait a few minutes until IONOS has completed the initial setup.

As soon as IONOS is finished, you will receive a message. As I said, it only took a few minutes for us. You’ll then be taken to a landing page where you’ll see an overview of the most important information about your contract, including your domain, your website name and the status of your WordPress installation.

Use the IONOS wizard for setup

In the next step, you decide whether you want to carry out your WordPress installation completely on your own or with the help of IONOS. We decided to use the IONOS wizard to select the theme and plugins for our website, among other things.

What kind of website do you want to create?

In the first step, the wizard will ask you what type of website you want to create. You can choose from: company, blog, online shop, photos, private, podcast and club. The wizard uses this information to present you with suitable themes and plugins for your website.

Choice of theme for WordPress website

Immediately afterwards you select a theme that you want to use for the design of your website. If you don’t like any of the suggested themes, don’t worry. You then simply install any other theme after completing the setup.

WordPress hosting from IONOS

Install jet pack

The wizard will then ask you if you want to install Jetpack for your website right from the start. Jetpack is a popular security and performance tool. If you don’t want that, you can simply skip the point and, if necessary, catch up later.

WordPress hosting from IONOS

Select appropriate plugins

In the next step, you select some plugins that provide extensions to your website. The selection is particularly influenced by the type of website. We have decided on a blog and for this reason we are shown the “Advanced Editor Tool” plugin, for example. The plugin extends and enriches the block editor and the classic editor.

Of course, not only these plugins are available to you, but also numerous other free and paid extensions. You simply install these in your WordPress backend as required. At the end you will get a summary of your selection. By clicking on the “Install” button, IONOS starts the final installation.

WordPress hosting from IONOS

After a few minutes, the installation is final and you will be automatically redirected to the backend of your website. Here you can see all the important points on the left, such as your posts, comments or the plugins. You can also see the next steps of your configuration directly in the dashboard, provided by IONOS.

WordPress hosting from IONOS

After less than ten minutes of work and waiting time, you now have the opportunity to create your posts and pages, install plugins or assign different roles to several users.

Experience: This is how we set up our website with IONOS

Installing WordPress and setting up our website with IONOS only took a few minutes. Especially for beginners, managed WordPress hosting is a way to start creating your own website in a very short time. The simple step-by-step instructions are structured and formulated in an intuitive and uncomplicated manner, so all steps are simply completed.

From our point of view, the biggest advantages are that the most important plugins are already installed in advance, that IONOS takes care of all technical and server-side administration and that an SSL certificate is already included in the tariffs. In addition, IONOS support is available 24 hours a day and helps to find solutions to technical problems.

With the WordPress hosting from IONOS, it is not only possible to create a blog, as in our example, but also other websites, online shops and forums. Thanks to suitable themes, plugins and widgets, the website can be easily expanded.

Set up a website easily with WordPress hosting from IONOS

Our test shows: Beginners and people who have not yet gained any experience can set up a WordPress website even without any prior technical knowledge. Thanks to the wizard in managed WordPress hosting, this can be done in under 10 minutes with practical step-by-step instructions.

Set up your website with WordPress hosting from IONOS now

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