A loading road will soon be operational in Sweden. It is intended to supply electric vehicles with energy while driving. The first pilot projects have already revealed the potential of the technology.

When it comes to climate change, experts assume that we will already exceed the so-called 1.5 degree target in a few years. Therefore, eliminating emissions remains important. In the mobility sector, for example, this is done by continuously switching to electric motors that use green electricity as fuel.

However, there is a problem with the battery technology available today. The capacity of the energy storage is usually only sufficient for a few hundred kilometers. So that this problem does not stop the expansion of electromobility, Sweden is now installing permanent charging coils in a public street for the first time.

Sweden puts permanent loading road into operation in 2025

The idea is not new: Many European countries are already testing charging coils in the asphalt. Sweden has also electrified four routes across the country in recent years. However, the new, 21-kilometer section is no longer a pilot project and is intended to remain in operation in the long term.

For this purpose, the Swedish transport authority Trafikverket is installing a permanent system for the road. The technology used has not yet been finally defined, but the construction work should be completed by 2025 at the latest. Possible approaches include overhead wires, small electric tracks in the asphalt, and wireless coils beneath the asphalt surface.

Corridor with heavy traffic as the first area of ​​application

The electrified route is on the E20 expressway, not far from the towns of Hallsberg and Örebro. Because every day there are tons of vehicles on the road that could benefit from the technology. In addition, the necessary supply of green electricity in the area is ensured. The loading street could therefore also create an incentive to buy.

The Chalmers University of Technology underlined in a recent study that the integration of such technology in 25 percent of all roads in Europe has a huge advantage. This would mean that more and more freight forwarders, transport companies and drivers would switch to an electrically powered vehicle.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/05/23/schweden-ladestrasse/

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