Sky has abolished its WOW web player. This means that subscribers can also stream content in the browser in the future. The backgrounds.

Good news from Sky: The media group is getting rid of its WOW web player. The company recently announced this in an official statement. Above all, Sky wants to improve the user experience of Streamingdeinst WOW on PC, Mac and laptop with the innovation.

Sky abolishes WOW web player

The elimination of the WOW player means users no longer need to download software to stream content on their computer or laptop. Because WOW content can now also be played in the web browser. The change came into effect on July 10, 2023. This does not change anything about the available functions, according to the provider.

The only requirement for use is a computer or laptop with Windows or MacOS. In addition, the web browser must be relatively up-to-date. WOW recommends either Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Apple’s Safari.

This is how you can use the WOW web player

To use the WOW Player via the browser, all you have to do is log in to your user account on If you then select a film or series and click on the play symbol, the content will start directly in the web browser without any further action.

If you have previously used a link to the WOW player, you can use the “Let’s go” button to access the website as usual in order to select content. When you start, however, the old web player no longer opens, but the new one automatically in the browser.

Mobile devices continue to use the WOW app

The innovation only applies to computers and laptops that previously used the WOW player via extra software. If you want to play the offer on a mobile device, you still need the respective version of the WOW app.

By the way: You can now uninstall the desktop application of the old WOW player without hesitation. It is no longer supported. Because as soon as you want to use it and try to play content, the new web player always starts automatically directly in the browser.

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