Would you like to give your smartphone or smartwatch a major upgrade that is also a real eye-catcher? With PITAKA products you reliably protect your iPhone 15 or your Galaxy S24 from falls and shocks. We will introduce you to PITAKA's current collection in detail and show you how you can really get your hands on PITAKA during the Spring Sale 2024 from March 20th to 25th.

With the stylish accessories from PITAKA you can give your smartphone and smart watch an incredibly stylish upgrade. At the same time, you reliably protect your iPhone 15 or your Samsung Galaxy S24 from shocks and other accidents. But don't take too much time! Only from March 20th to 25th you can get a selection of PITAKA products for the start of spring at a super low bargain price. Save up to 20 percent now!

For the Spring Sale 2024 at PITAKA

Spring Sale 2024: The iPhone 15 series perfectly protected

Like most PITAKA products, the protective cases for the iPhone 15 series are not only characterized by their tasteful design. Cutting-edge technology also makes them incredibly durable.

When producing these mobile phone protective cases, PITAKA uses high-quality aramid fibers. Aramid fibers are extremely robust, meet military standards and make it possible to design ultra-slim and lightweight cases that still reliably protect your iPhone.


The MagEZ Case 4 is an example of how style and protection can go hand in hand. At the same time, as the name suggests, it is Magsafe compatible. During the Spring Sales you can save up to 20 percent on selected iPhone 15 cases!

The PITAKA case for the Samsung Galaxy S24

The protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S24 is no less elegant. This smartphone case with a scratch-resistant surface is also made of durable aramid fibers. The protective case is available for the entire Samsung Galaxy S24 series, always adapted to the features of the respective model.

Spring Sale 2024 Bei PITAKA Galaxy S2


So the professionals at PITAKA naturally also think about the camera on your cell phone – just like with the iPhone. The camera ring in PITAKA protective cases is made from recycled aramid fibers and reliably protects the lenses from impacts. In combination with a protective film, scratches on the camera don't stand a chance. You can currently save up to 20 percent on selected Galaxy S24 cases.

Elegant and robust: bracelets for your smart watch

No less popular than the popular smartphone cases from PITAKA are the robust bracelets for the Apple Watch and the Galaxy Watch, on which you save 15 percent during the Spring Sales 2024. Simply swap your current bracelet for one from PITAKA and wait eagerly for the first reactions. After all, you don't see stylish bracelets like those from PITAKA every day!

Spring Sale 2024 bei PITAKA Smartwatch


But remember: Don't take too much time – secure your bargain between March 20th and 25th, 2024 during the Spring Sale 2024 at PITAKA and see for yourself the high-quality smartphone and smartwatch cases.

For the Spring Sale 2024 at PITAKA

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