In order to score points with your WordPress website with the audience and search engines, the loading speed of your website plays a significant role. Nobody wants to have to wait long for it these days. It's all about seconds and milliseconds. Which adjustment screws are important for WordPress performance, wIn this article you will learn how choosing the right managed WordPress hosting has a positive effect on your site speed and how Raidboxes can support you.

Optimize WordPress loading times

Fast loading times are essential for your website to attract visitors. Therefore, check your website speed regularly and optimize where appropriate. It is important to understand that many aspects affect performance and hosting alone is not a panacea.

How quickly your website loads also depends on factors such as geolocation, time of day and server load. With the help of a few tricks such as the selection of suitable themes, correct image optimization or high-performance caching However, loading times can be optimized, which works especially well if you have the right managed WordPress hosting at hand.

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The right WordPress theme

There are many WordPress themes. But no matter how great a theme looks, if it has massive loading times, it will slow down the performance – and thus the growth – of your project. Therefore, opt for a slim WordPress theme where the developers place value on performance.

Enable caching

Caching is an effective performance adjustment, especially if you have a lot of static content on your WordPress website. Dynamic pages such as shopping carts, on the other hand, should not be cached. Caching is an effective method to reduce loading times.

Caching involves storing resources such as images, files and documents in the cache so that the server, Instead of having to perform additional calculations, it only needs to provide a finished file when a new subpage is to be loaded. If the loading time for a page without a cache is five seconds, the same page can be delivered within a few milliseconds thanks to the cache.

Optimize images

In addition to using free or paid caching tools, you can also optimize images. When it comes to image size, limit the file size to less than 2,000 pixels. Use vector graphics instead of pixel graphics, as well as smaller PNGs and GIFs for logos, illustrations, etc. If you run a site with lots of photographic images, including lots of colors and shades, you probably can't avoid using the JPEG format.

Website operators who photographic quality is not important, but they are also increasingly relying on compact formats such as WebP and AVIF, which load quickly.

In addition to these factors, there are also WordPress plugins that convert the formats when you upload your images and then embed the smallest file.

Optimize other elements

If you want to get even more performance out of your WordPress website, there are many more options available. Caching fonts can give you a small boost in performance. Optimizing your WordPress website can have a massive impact. or selective loading of CSS and JavaScript on performance. Free and paid tools are also available for this.

The right Managed WordPress Hosting

All these optimizations have a positive effect on your WordPress site, especially if the basis is solid and the server infrastructure is specialized in WordPress Raidboxes offers inexpensive Starter packages to fully comprehensive high-traffic hosting packages, we offer a range of options to improve website performance, increase the security of your site and reach a live chat representative within five minutes of any questions.

And the best thing about managed WordPress hosting at Raidboxes: thanks to the integrated features such as auto-backups, updates and staging, you save several hours of work per month and can sleep peacefully at night.

Raidboxes 2.0 offers state-of-the-art servers

With Raidboxes 2.0 The WordPress specialist recently created a new server infrastructure, which brings enormous benefits to your website. In addition to new servers, you also benefit from double resources (CPU and RAM), enhanced security measures and optimized caching that not only improves the performance of your website but also the loading time of the WordPress backend.

In addition, the website and staging thanks to the dedicated staging environment no longer share resources. Why? The staging site uses separate resources and does not load at the expense of your live site. And if there is a lot going on on the live site, your WordPress website will switch to performance mode with Raidboxes 2.0, in which additional resources are made available for a short time when there is massive load.

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Less effort for you – more performance for your website

With Managed WordPress Hosting, you save time on updates and the like. Thanks to server-side caching, you can also do without additional caching plugins and save time and money during setup.

Since the professionals at Raidboxes will help you move to their powerful and WordPress-optimized servers, you will also save your capacity. Rely on Raidboxes' WordPress expertise and concentrate on your next tasks while Raidboxes creates a copy of your website and migrates it to their servers so that you can test all the functions without obligation. The migration and the two-week test phase don't cost you a cent.

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