The Solarride 60WP is a solar panel that fits almost every e-bike. It should be able to charge the battery while driving and thereby increase the range. But there is a catch: the price.

Solar systems are now widespread in Germany and are being used by more and more people. Smaller and smaller modules in particular are enjoying great popularity. This applies to both balcony power plants and mobile solar mats for on the go.

However, there is one area in which solar energy has so far been rather unusual: the bicycle industry. However, this could change in the future thanks to a new technology from the manufacturer Solarride: the Solarride 60WP. This is a solar system that is intended to increase the range of e-bikes by charging the battery while driving.

The solar panel is mounted directly on the luggage rack of electric bicycles. It offers the possibility of charging the e-bike directly using solar energy. Under ideal weather conditions, the Solarride 60WP can generate up to 50 watt hours of electricity per hour.

Solarride 60WP for e-bikes: 10 extra kilometers per hour

This should provide an additional range of around ten kilometers per charging hour. The system also offers an independent energy source. This can be particularly advantageous on longer bike rides or when used in areas without immediate access to power outlets.

To enable charging of almost any e-bike, the manufacturer includes several adapters for different e-bike connections. The system can only be used with a lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 36 volts.

Despite the advantages that the Solarride 60WP offers, there are also some disadvantages. The solar panel is 56 centimeters wide and 54 centimeters long. The weight of the structure is four kilograms. Overall, the Solarride 60WP is not exactly portable.

Price makes solar bicycle systems only interesting for certain target groups

The price of around 700 euros is a significant investment, which makes the Solarride 60WP only interesting for a specific target group. For example, for people who use long-distance cyclists or cargo e-bikes and value an independent power supply. However, the high price is likely to pose a hurdle for the mass market.

Overall, the Solarride 60WP represents an innovative solution for the self-sufficient power supply of e-bikes, which could be particularly interesting for special applications and target groups. However, the advantages of increased range and independence from external power sources must be weighed against the disadvantages in terms of size, weight and cost.

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