NASA recently observed one of the most powerful solar flares in recent years. The space agency is now even warning that the effects could also be felt on Earth. In the form of a disruption to the electricity and cell phone networks.

There was once again a violent bubbling on the surface of the sun. NASA therefore warns in an official statement about the effects of solar storms on Earth. The space agency recently observed the most violent solar flares in recent years.

Solar flares can disrupt power and cell phone networks

During a solar flare, large amounts of energy are thrown into space. According to NASA, this can result in communication waves, power grids and navigation signals being disrupted on Earth. Background to the warning: According to the space agency, the sun's activity has been increasing again since December 2019.

In a so-called solar cycle, there are phases with strong and weak solar activity approximately every eleven years. This is currently approaching a maximum. According to NASA, more spots can currently be seen on the sun's surface near which eruptions occur.

Solar storms endanger satellites and the ISS

During a solar flare, mass is released from the so-called corona, the outermost edge of the sun's atmosphere. The result of this can be a solar storm. These storms can knock out satellites orbiting the Earth. In the worst case, this can even lead to a disruption in cell phone networks if GPS and communications satellites are affected.

Solar flares can also impact astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) by disrupting systems. Under normal circumstances, however, they do not pose a danger to people on earth. This is because radiation generally cannot penetrate the earth's atmosphere.

Nevertheless, researchers have been warning about the effects of solar flares on Earth for years. In addition to disrupting satellites, a super solar storm could paralyze the internet repairers of fiber optic lines in the sea. The worst consequence: a week-long internet outage.

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