Batteries in mobile devices can quickly fail – especially if they are charged incorrectly. We will explain what you should consider in order to charge your smartphone battery correctly.

When smartphones and other mobile devices come fresh from the store, their batteries work perfectly. They last for hours without us having to power any device.

But over time, the power is getting smaller and we have to charge more often. The fact that the battery ages faster and wears out can have various reasons. Incorrect charging is often a reason for the battery capacity to decrease.

Charge your smartphone battery properly: This is how your battery lasts longer

However, there are some things you can do to properly charge your smartphone battery to extend its life. We have six tips ready for you.

Tip 1: Do not fully charge or discharge the smartphone battery

For a while, rumors circulated that the best thing for your smartphone battery was to drain it completely and then charge it again. However, this is not true for lithium-ion batteries.

In fact, it’s better for your battery when it’s between 30 and 70 percent. By the way: Newer smartphone models come with an integrated charging stop when the battery has reached its ideal charge.

Tip 2: Only charge the smartphone battery halfway through

If you’ve been using your smartphone for a while after charging it and now want to power it, make sure the battery is less than halfway. If it has more than 50 percent power left, you should not recharge it yet.

Tip 3: Charge the smartphone battery at room temperature

The temperature can also have a negative impact on the life of your battery. If it is too cold or too hot, this can affect the charging cycle of your smartphone, for example.

Temperatures of more than 40 or less than -10 degrees Celsius are sometimes dangerous for the battery. You should therefore ideally charge your phone at room temperature.

Tip 4: Don’t use the charger all the time

If your smartphone is fully charged, you should disconnect it from the charger. If your smartphone stays connected to the power supply for too long with a full battery, this can have a negative effect on your battery.

In addition, your charger continues to use energy long after your device has been charged – and this can then be reflected in your electricity bill.

Tip 5: Use the right charger

If you buy a new charger, you should avoid cheap variants. The cheaper third-party alternative cables often come with missing insulation and perform poorly in tests. There is even a risk of fire from time to time.

Therefore, you should rather choose an original charging cable from your smartphone manufacturer. Although this costs more, it is the safer option for your smartphone battery.

Tip 6: Don’t charge overnight

Almost all smartphone users tend to charge their devices overnight. However, this can damage your phone in the long run. Because the device switches to mains operation after it has been fully charged and thus loses charging power again and again. However, this in turn causes the loading process to start again. This creates so-called “mini charges”, which are bad for your battery.

Therefore, it’s better if you charge your device up to about 90 percent before bed and then unplug it. Also, you should put it in airplane mode. This means that your battery hardly loses any charge and you can continue to use functions such as the alarm clock.

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