Snapchat integrates its own AI chatbot into its app. The software for the bot “My AI” is based on the hype AI ChatGPT. The artificial intelligence will initially only be available to subscribers to the Snapchat Plus subscription. However, Snap’s AI plans go further.

With “My AI”, Snapchat has presented its own AI chatbot based on ChatGPT. In order to integrate artificial intelligence into its app, the company has adapted it accordingly. This was announced by parent company Snap in an official blog post.

My AI: Snapchat integrates ChatGPT’s AI chatbot into its app

Accordingly, the instant messaging service wants to integrate the AI ​​chatbot into its app in early March 2023. The offer should initially only be reserved for Snapchat Plus subscribers. From 4.49 euros per month you will have the opportunity in future
Communicate with the AI ​​via a chat tab in the app, located above conversations with friends.

According to reports, however, it should initially only be a mobile-friendly version of ChatGPT. In contrast to the hype AI, however, Snap has limited its own AI chatbot in the answers. This is how the company wants to ensure its general trust and security guidelines.

Snapchat: AI chatbot apparently still error-prone

Answers that contain curses, depictions of violence and sexual or politically sensitive topics should therefore not be given. In order to improve the chatbot, Snapchat wants to save all conversations with the AI ​​first. The company therefore advises its users: “Please do not pass any secrets on to My AI and do not rely on its advice.”

According to Snapchat, the AI ​​is designed to “avoid biased, false, harmful or misleading information”. However, errors could still occur. The company is therefore urgently asking its users for feedback on their experiences.

Snapchat wants to make ChatGPT AI accessible to all users

As opposed to Snap CEO Evan Spiegel The Verge announced that “My AI” should be available to all around 750 million Snapchat users in the long term. Mirror to:

The big idea is that not only do we talk to our friends and family every day, we talk to the AI ​​every day. And that’s something we’re well positioned to do as a messaging service.

Even if the Snap CEO is keeping a low profile about his exact plans, “My AI” could help the company to acquire new Snapchat Plus subscribers and thus new income in the short term.

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