Snap’s Venice Beach, California office.

At the Berlin startup Fit Analytics, all employees have been laid off. The start-up scene learned this from corporate circles. It is said that the layoffs affected a higher double-digit number of employees. The company specializes in the AI-based calculation of clothing sizes and was taken over by the US social media group Snap just over two years ago. The Snapchat mother paid the equivalent of around 124 million euros for the takeover.

Snap stomps AR department

Snap has not yet responded to a request from Gründerszene. However, the group said in a statement that it had largely discontinued its activities in the area of ​​augmented reality. “After exploring our options over the last few months, it became clear that we would need to make significant additional investment to expand our enterprise offering for retailers. “We simply cannot afford these investments at this point,” said Snap founder and CEO Evan Spiegel. As a result, 170 employees were separated.

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