Recently, leaked SEO documents from Google appeared online. The company has now confirmed that these are actually real files that provide information about some ranking factors.

Recently, 2,500 pages of internal documents appeared on the Internet that supposedly came from Google. The company has now confirmed the authenticity of the leaked data to The Verge confirmed.

The data collection provides insights into how Google search works and also shows what data the company collects in connection with it.

Leaked SEO documents from Google are real

The 2,500 pages, which have now been officially confirmed to come from Google, show, among other things, which data flows into the company's closely guarded search algorithm.

“We want to caution against making inaccurate assumptions about search based on out-of-context, outdated, or incomplete information,” Google spokesman Davis Thompson told The Verge.

We have shared extensive information about how search works and what factors our systems consider, while working to protect the integrity of our results from tampering.

The documents were leaked earlier this week. The two SEO experts Rand Fishkin and Mike King were the first to report on them and published initial analyses of the documents and their contents.

What can be learned from the documents?

How Google uses or has used the documents internally is not yet known. However, they do indicate that Google may also collect data that does not contribute to the ranking of websites in Google search. This could include user data from the Chrome browser and click numbers.

Sea The Verge It could also be that the information is out of date or is only used for internal training purposes. It is also possible that the data is collected but not used specifically for the search.

However, the documents provide insight into which signals Google takes into account when evaluating websites. Since Google is usually rather secretive when it comes to search algorithms, the evaluation of the documents could be quite revealing for the SEO world.

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