How often do you look at your iPhone every day? To find out, you can use Apple's built-in Screen Time feature. We'll show you how to find the relevant data and activate the feature.

Since many people have been using their smartphones every day and in most situations, experts from science and psychology have also been continually examining the effects. Lack of sleep, depression, nomophobia: those who use their cell phones less often are demonstrably doing their psyche a big favor.

It is therefore advisable to constantly check your own behavior. In 2016, Apple had already released official data on how often users look at their iPhones. Opposite MacRumors The company stated at the time that an average user unlocks their device around 80 times a day. Management consultant and sleep coach Chris Surel also recently claimed in a LinkedIn post that many people use their cell phones up to 150 times a day.

iPhone: This is how many times you unlock it per day

As an iPhone user, you can now see for yourself whether this also applies to you – for example, using the integrated Screen Time function. There you will, among other things, get an overview of which apps you open every day and which websites you visit. The function also shows you how often you unlock your device.

To access the report, first go to Settings your iPhone. Then click on there “Screen Time”. Then tap under Diagram “View all app & website activity”. Now you get insights into your device usage and the apps you use most. Under “Activations” You can also see how often you picked up your device and unlocked its screen.

Activate Screen Time – here's how

However, in order to receive the corresponding data, it is important that you activate the screen time function at all. To do this, go to the “Settings” your iPhone and then on “Screen Time”. Then you tap “Enable Screen Time”. From now on, your iPhone will record your usage and create the corresponding reports.

You can also use the feature to regulate your own usage behavior. For example, you can schedule time off and set time limits for certain apps. In this way, the iPhone itself can help you stop using it so much and enjoy smartphone-free moments.

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