Researchers at Stanford University have developed a method that mini-robots can use to heal our bodies from the inside out. Medication can also be dispensed. The backgrounds.

Technology is changing the quality of medical care. While some time ago only a few experts were able to carry out sometimes complex processes and operations, robots are now already taking on some tasks completely independently.

But one thing has not yet been realized: the targeted use of a robot in the human body. However, that could soon change due to the work of researchers from Stanford University.

The scientists have developed a tiny robot that performs treatments inside a human. Locomotion is not a problem for the machine.

Robot moves in the body thanks to magnetic fields

The robot moves in the body through magnetic fields. The use of lithium-ion batteries in the human body would be too dangerous, which is why an alternative solution had to be found. The researchers therefore also attached a magnetic metal plate to the small construction.

By generating an external magnetic field outside the body, the robot can be controlled specifically by the human body. Maneuvers are possible both forwards and backwards. The same applies to the targeted release of medicinal substances at a specific point.

Treatment possible directly on the affected area

In this way, certain symptoms can be treated in a particularly targeted manner. In a first experiment, the researchers used the device in a dead pig. They navigated it through the gastrointestinal tract and brought medicinal substances to the desired location. Something revolutionary was achieved with this.

Because so far there is no comparable technology that can move in any environment. The researchers hope that they will soon be able to use their invention in practice. Then we could see another example of how technology can enrich our everyday lives.

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