Using ChatGPT, US researchers have for the first time developed a processor whose hardware description comes exclusively from the AI. Do hardware developers now have to worry about their jobs?

Since the beginning of the year, the subject of artificial intelligence has been on everyone’s lips. With ChatGPT, OpenAI presented a powerful AI tool for free for the first time. Also, there is a premium version for $20 per month with some additional features.

Now researchers from the University of New York and the University of New South Wales in Australia have commissioned the tool to write the concept for a processor. The AI ​​then created a well-founded hardware description.

ChatGPT develops hardware description for processor

Nevertheless, the message initially sounds more unusual than it actually is. In order for ChatGPT to be able to create the description, the AI ​​needed information that had already been processed accordingly. Meanwhile, the researchers wanted to investigate the extent to which language models can support the development of new computer chips.

Because there are often errors within the hardware description that an algorithm can identify. At the same time, it needs a test code to check the various functions of hardware. ChatGPT 4.0, ChatGPT 3.5, google Bard and Huggingchat competed in a duel.

Only ChatGPT 4 produced reasonably executable code

While Bard and Huggingchat failed early on and didn’t produce working code, for ChatGPT 4.0 the abandonment was less of a problem. Nevertheless, the algorithm was relatively often dependent on the researchers until the final result was achieved.

While this shows that AI systems can help in the development of processors, the main part of the work still lies with humans. Further proof that AI does not necessarily endanger jobs, but can improve work results.

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