With the energy crisis still in full swing and not going away any time soon, many people are wondering what they can do about rising energy bills. Luckily, there are innovative companies like Ostrom. They offer technical solutions, such as the smart app from Ostrom, with which you can take control of your electricity and reduce your costs.

Ostrom is a B Corp certified, smart green energy provider. He has made it his mission to support consumers in switching to renewable energies. With Ostrom you can easily switch to clean energy online. And you manage your consumption via an intuitive app. Ostrom also offers a unique dynamic pricing model that allows households to save up to 35 percent or up to 500 euros per year on electricity costs.

This is how the dynamic pricing model works

Electricity is cheaper in strong winds, sunshine or at night. With Ostrom you can take advantage of this and use electricity at the most convenient time.

Ostrom uses real-time data to calculate dynamic tariffs based on prices in the wholesale electricity market. This means that if market prices are low during off-peak times, for example at night, your tariff per kWh at Ostrom will also be low.

In the Ostrom app you always have a transparent overview of the current market price for electricity. And if you have a smart meter installed, you can track your energy consumption in real time. This means you will be billed at the current hourly rate. This means you can shift consumption-intensive activities such as charging your electric car or running the washing machine to times when prices are cheaper.

Ostrom offers consumers digital tools to help them get their electricity costs under control through smart management. Throughout the year, you can make significant savings on your electricity bill by strategically timing your usage during times when electricity prices are low.

The smart app from Ostrom (Image: Ostrom)

In addition to dynamic pricing, Ostrom offers numerous benefits

  • 100 percent certified renewable energy from sun and wind
  • No rollercoaster fluctuations – rates change predictably based on transparent wholesale pricing
  • Referral program – up to 50 euros credit for you and your friends
  • Free smart e-car charging in the Ostrom app
  • Free connection function that allows you to control your smart heating and cooling devices via the Ostrom app
  • Integrations with Solar PV partners
  • Exclusive discounts from partner brands
  • Can be canceled at any time with just two weeks’ notice


To combat high energy bills, it’s worth taking active action against your electricity costs and switching to a smart and transparent provider like Ostrom.

The savings of up to 35 percent or up to 500 euros per year depend on your consumption volume and your flexibility. But many households have already reduced their bills by hundreds of euros.

Sign up for Ostrom’s transparent and fair green electricity contract and receive smart electricity that will reduce your household costs!

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/10/27/smarte-app-ostrom-stromkosten-senken/

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