Researchers have been working on developing a quantum battery for some time. This way of charging batteries could significantly overshadow classic rechargeable batteries. Researchers from Tokyo recently made another discovery.

In our digitalized world, nothing works without batteries. Energy storage is used in many places and ensures that the world continues to turn comfortably. But the further development of the technology has stagnated for several years. An example is the capacity of smartphone batteries and batteries in other technical devices.

Nevertheless, change seems to be in sight in the medium term. Because future energy storage could be based on quantum technology. With their innovative charging methods, so-called quantum batteries represent a leap in battery technology. The technology promises higher efficiency and broader applications.

What is a quantum battery?

A quantum battery harnesses the power of “indeterminate causal order” to charge itself efficiently. The system uses quantum phenomena to harvest, distribute and store energy. This allows quantum batteries to significantly outperform conventional chemical batteries in many areas.

At the same time, they also hold unexplored potential for sustainable energy solutions and possible integrations in future electric vehicles. The new type of storage also promises application in various portable and energy-saving devices where charging options are limited.

Japanese researchers are testing laser charging

However, quantum batteries currently only exist in the laboratory. Researchers around the world are working on various aspects that they hope to one day combine into a fully functional and practical application. Japanese researchers, for example, are experimenting with methods for charging a quantum battery using optical devices such as lasers, lenses and mirrors.

The phenomenon of indeterminate causal order that has now been researched could have applications beyond charging a new generation of low-energy devices. The underlying principles could improve the performance of other technologies. However, it will probably be some time before a quantum battery is used for the first time.

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