Shots from the last holiday, pictures from the birthday brunch with the parents and one or two snapshots of everyday life in between. Our smartphone has long since become a digital photo album. Unfortunately, chaos quickly spreads. We will therefore show you how you can get a better perspective with good organization and smart apps.

Take photos, have the film developed, wait anxiously for the results and stick the finished shots in albums. Up until a few years ago, this was the most common method of capturing images as memories for eternity. But in the meantime, most of us no longer carry cameras around, but rely solely on our smartphones.

The result: we snap and snap. And have a smorgasbord of photos on our cell phones. The longer we have this, the more difficult it becomes to keep track of it. Eventually there will be thousands of photos in a single folder. The following tips can help.

1. Sort out regularly

It is important to take inventory regularly, to give away old or broken things and to sort out what is left. Not only related to our wardrobe or children’s toys, but also to photos on our smartphones.

Because who doesn’t know it: we often press the shutter button several times, but in the end we only like one of the resulting pictures anyway. But we still don’t delete the others out of laziness. It is better to review the photos regularly and delete unsuccessful shots immediately. Screenshots are usually only needed for a short time and can then be deleted again.

Without good photo organization, it’s easy to lose track (Picture: / Thirdman)

2. Create order with apps

Most people don’t organize their pictures on their smartphones; over the years, a confusing kaleidoscope of recordings is created. It is better to save the pictures in folders or to provide a better overview with apps. We present a few useful apps:

  • Google Photos: One of the most popular apps that comes preinstalled on every Android smartphone is Google Photos. This not only allows photos to be saved and organized, but certain recordings can also be shared with friends using partner accounts. There are also practical additional features such as the “Magic Eraser”. This allows you to quickly remove distracting elements from photos. Smart live albums make organizing even easier for you. For example, you select a person. The smart AI then recognizes these in all the pictures and creates a new album from the most beautiful ones.
  • Floral: An alternative for this – albeit without storage space – is “Floral”. This allows photos to be saved just as creatively and clearly, images can be favorited or collections can be marked as private so that they are hidden.
  • Miles: “Mylio” is another free app that can be used to organize files based on the calendar app, for example. Recordings are categorized by event and synced to the calendar. The app also features face recognition technology, allowing you to quickly tag and organize photos. Basic editing functions are also integrated.
  • PhotoMap Gallery: The “PhotoMap Gallery” app was specially designed for people who travel a lot. Not only does it allow users to save information about the location data with the photos they take, but you can also change it or enter it at all if it doesn’t already exist. Your images will then be displayed on a map. This allows you to see at a glance where you took which photo. The galleries can also be sorted, you can create collages or display the number of available images for each day
  • A+ Galerie: This app sorts the locally saved images by the time they were taken – you can switch between a daily, weekly or yearly view. Likewise, themes can be adjusted or passwords can be assigned for folders that are not intended for everyone.
  • Pictures: “Piktures” also allows you to save pictures in folders, but also provides you with an overview of the places where the pictures were taken. There is also a calendar view.

3. Create memories

Digitizing analog – that used to be the most common way. But the trend is going in the opposite direction again. We analogize, if you will. And this is particularly important when it comes to photos, because photos that we only save on our smartphones are often forgotten or lost over the years, while we look at those we use to create photo books, calendars or murals much more often.

The be-all and end-all is smart technology such as the photo software smart moments from HappyFoto, with which such projects can be implemented quickly. After all, we don’t want to waste too much time creating it, we’d rather go straight back outside – and snap the next snapshots.

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