Researchers have developed a new method to charge electric cars faster in the future. This should also increase the life of the batteries.

Due to the sometimes long charging times of e-cars, many potential buyers opt for a combustion engine. But that could change soon, because new battery technologies promise faster and faster charging.

One reason why lithium-based batteries quickly reach their limits is what is known as “lithium plating”. A high voltage flows through the battery, causing lithium to be deposited on the anode of the battery. This slows down charging and, in the worst case, even reduces the performance of the energy storage device.

Faster charging: Researchers optimize electric car batteries

However, a research team has now developed a technology that avoids such deposits. The solution lies in optimizing the microstructure of the negative electrode. By aligning the small particles that stick to the anode, less lithium sticks to it. This was also made possible by a 3D battery model, which served as a virtual test object for the optimal structure.

With the results of the experiments, it may be possible to develop new protocols for rapid battery charging in the medium term. As a result, new batteries could be created that can be charged even faster and at the same time have a longer service life.

New method enables batteries with higher energy density

Another side effect was also revealed during the test series. Because the optimal alignment of the microstructure on an electrode can also improve the energy density of batteries. Electric vehicles may therefore be able to go even further with one charge in the future.

When the technology will be used in practice, he is open. Further tests should initially show how the approach can be scaled in the long term and used in battery production. If this succeeds, the attractiveness of electromobility should increase further.

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