iOS 16.6 is now available for free download. With the new update, Apple does not bring any new functions to the iPhone, but closes numerous security gaps.

Apple has released a new update for the iPhone with iOS 16.6. Also: New software for the Apple Watch, numerous Mac models and the iPad. In contrast to iOS 16.5, the new iPhone update does not provide any new functions. Because: iOS 16.6 is more of a security update.

iOS 16.6: Apple releases new iPhone update

According to the official release notes, the new iPhone software fixes over a dozen bugs and security vulnerabilities, including in the kernel and WebKit. However, Apple traditionally keeps a low profile when it comes to more detailed information and how the individual fixes work.

Officially it says only: “This update contains important bug fixes and security updates. It is recommended for all users.” However, a vulnerability in Apple’s Neutral Engine is said to be open to attackers to exploit arbitrary code.

The problem appears to occur on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch and can only be fixed with the appropriate update.

iPhone update: When is iOS 17 coming?

iOS 16.6 does not deliver any real innovations. This is probably due to the fact that Apple is holding back new functions for the planned release of iOS 17. The next big function update should start in September with the presentation of new hardware. iOS 17 is already available as a public beta test version.

That’s why the focus of iOS 16.6 is on bug fixes and minor improvements. According to Apple, the new iPhone update also fixes a connection problem with Smarthome Matter accessories in a new environment. The US group therefore recommends connecting other devices via QR code.

Install iOS 16.6

iOS 16.6 has been available for free download since July 24, 2023. Apple traditionally recommends timely installation. The new iPhone update is available for all models from iPhone 8 onwards. The version can be downloaded via the device settings under “General” and “Software update”.

With iPadOS 16.6, the US group has also released a new update for the iPad. The new iPad software is available for all Pro models, all iPads Air from the third generation and all iPads and iPad Minis from the fifth generation. Also: New updates for the Apple Watch and numerous Mac models.

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