Technology start-up Prophetic has developed a device called “Halo” that aims to allow people to work while they sleep. It is worn like a crown and is said to enable so-called lucid dreams.

The start-up Prophetic was only founded at the beginning of 2023. But the company claims to have already developed a device that is supposed to induce lucid dreams – also known as lucid dreams. The technology called “Halo” is worn like a crown and, according to the developers, will even allow people to work while they sleep.

Prophetic: This device is intended to enable lucid dreams

According to a report by US magazine Fortune Halo is expected to cost around $1,500 to $2,000 each. According to the company, the device uses a combination of ultrasound and machine learning models to enable lucid dreams.

Based on EEG and fMRO data, it should be able to detect when a user is in the last phase of the sleep cycle, the so-called REM phase. The website says: “Together we will pursue the answers to life’s big questions.”

Lucid dreaming is considered a sleep state in which people are aware that they are dreaming. In this state it is possible to control and manipulate your own dreams.

Working in your sleep – is that possible?

Around 70 percent of people have such a lucid dream at least once in their lives. Prophetic wants to specifically induce lucid dreaming in order to increase people's productivity. Loud Fortune Software developers could even program in their sleep and thus do part of their work.

“Halo” is based on research by the Dutch Donders Institute, which examines specific areas of the brain and ultrasound frequencies to specifically trigger lucid dreams. Prophetic wants to present the researchers’ data in spring 2024. The first devices are scheduled to be delivered in spring 2025.

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