An AI created the images in your pitch deck
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AI is everywhere, now also in the pitch deck. The crypto startup Blockpit used the image generator Midjourney for its current investor presentation: The graphics for the slides were created by an artificial intelligence. This is immediately noticeable and is likely to attract the attention of donors. After all, they browse through numerous pitch decks every day, many of which – let’s be honest – look quite similar.

Blockpit deliberately relies on the AI ​​tool, said CEO Florian Wimmer to Gründerszene. So it’s more than just a gimmick. Here are his six reasons why his startup used Midjourney for the pitch deck. And why you should also use the tool:

  • Image rights: You don’t have to worry about copyright or royalties, like with stock photos.
  • Cost: The price of $20 per month for unlimited use is amortized super quickly.
  • Own style: Once you find the right prompt, you can create your own style and create anything imaginable with it.
  • Appropriate Graphics: You can create exactly the graphics you need and don’t have to settle for an approach like stock photos.
  • Aha Effect: It currently triggers an “aha effect” among people who have not yet dealt with AI themselves. This allows you to stand out.
  • Stay on the ball: It is necessary to deal with the topic of image/video generating AI and chat API now in order to stay on the ball. Development will certainly not slow down.

Blockpit has experience with investors and has raised ten million dollars in the past. The current pitch deck is now expected to raise over two million euros. The startup from Linz in Austria has also just taken over a Swiss competitor: Like Blockpit, the company focuses on tax software for the crypto sector. This allows you, among other things, to create tax reports for your own cryptocurrencies.

Here you can see Blockpit’s current pitch deck, which was created with the help of Midourney. We will also show you the prompt that was used to create the graphics:


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