After three decades, the familiar Windows key has to make way for Copilot. Microsoft is introducing a new AI button that can be used to start artificial intelligence. The backgrounds.

The key with the small window on the bottom left and right of the Windows keyboard simply cannot be missed for many users. You have become accustomed to using it to access the PC operating system's start menu at the push of a button. However, you will soon have to get used to it, because Microsoft has decided to add a new button to the Windows key: an AI key for the in-house copilot.

New AI key for Windows keyboard

As innovations like AI fundamentally change the way we use technology in work and everyday life, Microsoft is committed to empowering people and businesses to adapt to the new age. The company explains this in the official blog post about the innovation.

“This year we will usher in a shift toward more personal and intelligent computing, seamlessly embedding AI into Windows – from the operating system to the chip to the hardware,” explains Microsoft manager Yusuf Mehdi. The introduction of the Copilot key is the first significant change to the Windows PC keyboard in almost three decades. Anyone who presses it automatically calls up the corresponding AI functions in Windows.

“Almost 30 years ago, we introduced the Windows key on the PC keyboard, enabling people around the world to interact with Windows,” continued Mehdi. “We see this as another transformative moment in our Windows journey, where Copilot will be the gateway into the world of AI on the PC.”

Microsoft wants to present Copilot at CES

The new Copilot button is apparently intended to make it easier for users to integrate artificial intelligence into their usage behavior. Microsoft has been integrating the software more and more deeply into its operating system since last year. For example, the company began integrating AI into the Microsoft 365 office suite in March 2023.

It is intended to support users in using documents, emails, presentations, tables and more and can also be used in programs such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. In addition, Microsoft already integrated the AI ​​into the update to Windows 11.

At the upcoming CES in Las Vegas, Microsoft wants to present the first PCs with a Copilot button. They should also be available on the market from the end of February 2024, including all new Surface devices. Until then, however, users will have to be content with calling up the AI ​​with the mouse.

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