Microsoft has announced that Bing users can now create chat images within the search engine. The new function is based on DALL-E, the image generator from the AI ​​company OpenAI.

“Bing Image Creator”: That’s the name of the new function from Microsoft, which the company wants to gradually integrate into its search engine with immediate effect. The highlight: The function is based on the image generator DALL-E from the AI ​​company OpenAI, which is also responsible for the ChatGPT language model.

Microsoft integrates DALL-E into its search engine Bing

The artificial intelligence should also be available in the sidebar of the Microsoft Edge browser in the future. In order to ensure data protection, Microsoft says it has also integrated OpenAI’s security measures into its search engine and installed additional protective mechanisms. The company stated:

For example, we have implemented controls designed to limit the generation of malicious or unsafe images. When our system detects that a potentially malicious image could be generated by a command prompt, it blocks the prompt and warns the user.

Bing Image Creator: Microsoft aims for improvements

Microsoft announced that it wants to continuously improve its image generator. The company wants to optimize the new function especially for chats with several participants. An official blog post says:

We still believe that the best way to bring these technologies to market is to test them carefully and openly, so everyone can provide feedback.

In addition to the Bing Image Creator, the search engine will also receive two other new functions: Visual Stories and Knowledge Cards 2.0, which will now contain additional AI elements such as diagrams, graphics and timelines. The so-called visual stories are in turn comparable to Instagram stories and should contain AI-based audio comments or videos.

DALL-E in Bing: The AI ​​competition between Microsoft and Google

The timing of Microsoft’s announcement of integrating DALL-E into the Bing search engine does not seem to be a coincidence. Because the news follows immediately after the news that competitor Google has started a test phase for its artificial intelligence Bard in the USA and Great Britain.

Background: After the AI ​​language model ChatGPT caused a sensation in the past few months, Microsoft quickly secured shares in the developer company OpenAI and already integrated the language model into Bing. Google then announced Bard, its own chatbot, but the error devil had crept in.

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