Meta is working on headphones with a camera under the code name “Camerabuds”. What are the benefits of this and how could something like this work?

When the AirPods came onto the market in 2016, many laughed at them. But the wireless headphones quickly became a bestseller and made the “true wireless headphones” a product that almost every major tech company has in their portfolio.

So far, Meta has stayed completely out of it, but according to a report in the US magazine “The Information“We should now work on exactly such a product. The special thing about this is that Meta wants to equip the headphones with cameras. The background to this project is the use of artificial intelligence, which is intended to make the headphones significantly more intelligent. According to the report, Mark Zuckerberg is said to be very interested in the project and has already looked at several concepts, which include both in-ear and over-ear headphones.

Camerabuds: The next level of smart wearables?

Meta already has “Ray-Ban Smartglasses,” a pair of glasses on the market that can scan the environment using a camera and answer questions using AI. Headphones could solve several problems at once. Although wearing glasses is part of everyday life for many people, not everyone does so, which narrows the target group. In addition, the production of headphones is much easier and more cost-efficient. Furthermore, the speakers of the glasses are installed on the ears, but the sound cannot be completely isolated.

Until the headphones, which are internal “Camerabuds” will come onto the market, but it will probably take a while. Such devices still overheat too quickly, long hair can obscure the cameras, and the issue of privacy still needs to be resolved.

Such a product could make the lives of people with visual impairments much easier, or translate other languages ​​in real time. Apple and OpenAI are also working, according to the news agency “Bloomberg“ on such products, but so far there has been no official confirmation.

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