Facebook parent company Meta recently presented its own AI language model with LLaMa. The company explained that the software should only be used for research. But now Meta is turning around and wants to integrate artificial intelligence into Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Meta recently presented its own AI model called LLaMA. According to the company, the system performs better in many areas than the direct competition from OpenAI. Nevertheless, they were apparently aware of the risks and announced that they would not use AI technology in their own products.

Because the LLaMA should only be accessible to researchers. Now CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems to be taking a different path and announced the use of artificial intelligence in the group’s products in a post on Monday.

Meta wants artificial intelligence for Facebook, Instagram and Co.

This means that AI algorithms will be used in Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram in the foreseeable future. In the article, Zuckerberg describes that a working group is being formed within the group that will focus on the continuous further development of the technology. One day, AI helpers could offer people on the platforms a certain added value.

Zuckerberg did not reveal what this added value looks like in his post. He only speaks of the fact that the type of content creation will continue to be validated. The company “explores experiences with text (like chats in WhatsApp and Messenger), with images (like creative Instagram filters and advertising formats) and with video and multimodal experiences”.

AI from Meta: Little details known so far

So it remains to be seen what kind of AI applications we will see in meta-products in the future. It is hardly surprising that CEO Zuckerberg is now rowing back and still sees the systems being used at Meta. And every day, users generate huge amounts of data that could be used to train the algorithm.

Whether this approach will be successful in the long term is an open question. If Meta actually uses the presented AI LLaMA, it will probably create a powerful competitor to other algorithms, such as ChatGPT. But it can also backfire. Meta previously published an algorithm that was adamant about the history of bears in space.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/03/01/meta-ki-system/

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