The company’s mixed reality headset is highly anticipated. Also: Google and Apple are also planning product presentations and Twitter lawyers are exchanging blows with Elon Musk.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg with the so-called Oculus glasses.
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Good morning! While you slept, work continued elsewhere in the digital scene.

The top topics:

Meta will hold its annual virtual reality conference called Connect on October 11th. This was announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday in the United States. From the Facebook post, Zuckerberg appears to be sporting a new headset that’s likely what’s called Project Cambria, a highly anticipated, high-performance mixed reality headset. The product, and how it’s received, will be a key test of Zuckerberg’s efforts to align Facebook’s parent company with developing virtual reality and augmented reality hardware.

Meta has spent up to $10 billion a year on Zuckerberg’s vision of creating the next great software platform. The early launch could give Meta a chance to get a foothold in the market before Apple will probably release its own mixed reality headset in the coming year. [Mehr bei CNBC, Techcrunch und The Verge]

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And here are the other headlines of the night:

Google will host its hardware event on October 6th. The US tech group will present its Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro phones and its first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch. According to the company, all new products should be able to be ordered on the same day. Samsung already announced its new folding cell phones in August. Apple is expected to launch four new iPhone models this Wednesday. [Mehr bei The Verge und CNBC]

Die Twitter-Lawyers have exchanged blows with the team of Elon Musk delivered. In a court hearing, the short message service’s lawyers argued that text messages from Elon Musk showed the billionaire regretted his $44 billion deal to take over the company. This regret is said to have been the reason for the cancellation and not concern for the social network’s spam or bot accounts. [Mehr bei Bloomberg]

Amazon according to a media report, is considering a partnership with pharmacies in Japan. The US group plans to set up a platform on which patients can obtain information about prescription drugs and also register for the delivery of these drugs. Amazon would not operate any pharmacies itself, but only provide the online system. Amazon has been in the pharmacy business in the US since 2018. At that time, it was taken over by the online pharmacy Pillpack. Then, in 2020, the company launched its own pharmacy, Amazon Pharmacy. [Mehr bei Nikkei und The Verge]

Investment: Bitwarden, an open source password manager for business and consumers, has raised $100 million in a funding round. Based in Santa Barbara, California, Bitwarden was originally founded in 2015. The company operates in a space that includes well-known established companies such as 1Password and LastPass. Bitwarden makes it easy for its users to automatically generate passwords and store them in a secure digital “vault”. In addition to this free basic service, Bitwarden offers a range of paid premium tools and services, including advanced enterprise features like single sign-on (SSO) integrations and identity management. [Mehr bei Techcrunch]

Truth Social, a social media platform owned by former US President Donald Trump, is facing financial turmoil. A long-awaited cash injection of 1.3 billion US dollars does not appear to be forthcoming. Shareholders in the special purpose vehicle, which was set to take Trump Media and Technology Group, which is behind Truth Social, public, will not agree to a one-year extension to complete the deal. This threatens to fail the merger. [Mehr bei The Guardian]

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