Mercedes wants to use the Google Maps map service for navigation and integrate it into its vehicles. The car manufacturer therefore concluded a strategic partnership with the search engine group Google.

Car owners have been facing a problem for years. Because the navigation services of many manufacturers lack reliable map updates after a certain time. This repeatedly leads to situations in which a roundabout suddenly appears or roads that are not listed.

Many drivers therefore use alternatives such as Google Maps. Because the map service is very up-to-date and is also free. Many people are therefore satisfied with their smartphone as a navigation device. However, Mercedes now wants to counteract this trend.

Mercedes-Benz uses its own interface on Google Maps

To this end, the company entered into a strategic partnership with Google. The carmaker announced that this was the first collaboration of this kind. The goal: In the future, Mercedes drivers should be able to access the geodata and navigation functions of Google Maps via their vehicle.

This includes POIs, real-time traffic information, traffic flow forecasts and route planning adjustments. However, the Google Maps app does not appear on the screen in the Mercedes cockpit. Because the company relies on its own user interface. However, automated driving should benefit from the new functions.

Further partnership in the cloud business possible

Meanwhile, Merceds wants to gradually introduce its new map service. First, information about targets is available. This includes opening times, pictures and ratings that are familiar from the classic web interface. According to Mercedes, this applies to all customers with an MBUX of the latest generation.

In addition to navigation, the carmaker is also evaluating the use of Google Cloud and artificial intelligence. Ideally, this should shorten development cycles. However, other analysis options also seem possible. In any case, data sovereignty should lie with Mercedes.

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