The Russian Aleksandr Zhadan has developed his own artificial intelligence based on ChatGPT and, in a sense, created his own dating coach. The AI ​​wrote to 5,000 women on Tinder for him. He is now married to one.

Last year, the ChatGPT tool developed by OpenAI became an everyday helper for many people. Artificial intelligence can already provide support in many areas. However, the algorithm cannot yet replace a human. But what about the topic of love? Can AI help find a partner?

After his last relationship ended in 2021, Aleksandr Zhadan used the dating app Tinder to find a new partner in Moscow. After spending many hours sending likes, writing messages and unsuccessful dates, he decided to take a special step. He considered using the GPT-2 algorithm developed by OpenAI as a dating assistant.

Tinder: AI based on ChatGPT as a dating coach

Zhadan programmed ChatGPT to suit his interests and could even schedule face-to-face meetings via his Google Calendar. He filtered profiles based on certain criteria to only send likes to women who matched his preferences. There were a few errors at the beginning.

The AI ​​asked for a long walk in the forest a little too early or promised to show up on a date with chocolate and flowers. But over time and through updates, the program became more and more sophisticated. The algorithm had conversations with 5,239 women and arranged over 100 dates.

From the options, the dating assistant finally chose a woman: Karina Vyalshakaeva. The two matched in December 2022 – ChatGPT initially conducted the discussions. After a few face-to-face meetings, Zhadan paused chatting with other women on Tinder and the couple moved in together shortly after.

Algorithm found Zhadan's future wife

Nevertheless, Zhadan updated his program one last time to make it his personal dating guru. Over time, he took over more and more communication with Vyalshakaeva. The program, on the other hand, identified his dating preferences and weaknesses and helped him become a better partner. Ultimately, the program even recommended that Zhadan propose to Vyalshakaeva, which he did. With a positive outcome.

Vyalshakaeva, who found out about the project a few months after the start of their relationship, was initially shocked, but not upset. She emphasized that the initial conversations on Tinder were mainly about getting to know the interests and hopes of the potential partner, which the chatbot did easily.

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