The city of Liverpool is currently planning the world's largest tidal power station on the River Mersey. The system is intended to supply millions of households with green electricity. The backgrounds

Investments in methods for generating sustainable energy are increasing worldwide. In addition to the sun and wind, water also continues to play a crucial role. The city of Liverpool recently presented a plan to build the world's largest tidal power station on the River Mersey.

The Mersey Tidal Power project could provide more than a million homes with green electricity over a service life of more than 120 years. The tidal power station resembles a dam and is intended to double as a barrier between the Irish Sea and a tidal basin.

Largest tidal power station: Liverpool is building on the River Mersey

The turbine-equipped power station would then exploit one of the largest tidal ranges in the UK and produce energy through two-way generation. The facility will then also connect Liverpool with the Wirral peninsula and could serve as a pedestrian and cycle path across the Mersey in the future.

The power plant could also provide protection against flooding. Set to cost several billion pounds, it is currently in phase three of concept development and is about to enter the formal planning stage. The realization would create thousands of local construction jobs, although the planning and approval phase would initially take several years.

Liverpool wants to be climate neutral by 2040

Liverpool has set a target of achieving net zero emissions by 2040. By producing energy locally, the city could save dozens of tons of CO2 and other greenhouse gases every year. In Great Britain, the largest share of the energy mix already comes from wind power.

The project highlights the increasing global effort to find innovative solutions for generating energy from renewable sources. Rapid implementation could reduce the ecological footprint of many citizens.

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