Could this change in the law mean the end of ChatGPT in Europe? The EU is currently working on regulations for artificial intelligence. ChatGPT mother OpenAI is considering a withdrawal.

The success of ChatGPT is one of the main reasons for the current hype about artificial intelligence. And the topic is also currently on the table in legislation.

The EU is currently working on a new law on dealing with artificial intelligence. The Artificial Intelligence Act is intended to regulate the use of artificial intelligence.

But the makers of ChatGPT are critical of the previous plans. Even a withdrawal of ChatGPT from Europe is being considered.

What is the EU planning for the Artificial Intelligence Act?

According to previous plans, the EU wants to classify the various AI systems according to their level of risk. Depending on the classification of the risk, there should then be obligations for providers and users.

For example, the EU wants to strictly ban AI systems with an unacceptable risk to human safety.

This includes systems that employ subliminal or intentionally manipulative techniques that exploit human vulnerabilities or are used for social scoring.

In the two further stages, the EU divides into high-risk AI and AI for general purposes. The first includes the risk areas of endangering health, safety, fundamental rights or the environment.

Europe: Requirements for ChatGPT and Co.

The EU draft provides additional transparency requirements for basic models such as ChatGPT. The makers of AI systems must disclose that the generated content was created by AI.

In addition, the models must be designed in such a way that no illegal content is generated. Operators like OpenAI must also disclose a summary of proprietary data that they used to train their AI.

Is ChatGPT pulling out of Europe?

For the ChatGPT makers of OpenAI, however, the drafts for the Artificial Intelligence Act apparently go too far. At an event in London, OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman said the company would pull out of Europe if the EU didn’t relax the law.

“The current draft of the EU AI law would be over-regulation,” criticizes Sam Altman. OpenAI will endeavor to comply with the legal regulations. However, a withdrawal from the European market is conceivable in case of doubt.

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