The iOS update to version 17.3 is expected in January 2024. But before that, Apple inserted iOS 17.2.1. The update for your iPhone once again closes security gaps.

The magazine already had it on Monday MacRumors The latest iPhone security update was discovered in the analysis logs. Now Apple has now made it available for installation.

We'll show you how to install the latest update on your iPhone and why installation is important.

iOS 17.2.1: New security update for the iPhone

Apple has often released smaller updates like this in the past. In most cases, the iPhone company has closed security gaps.

According to Apple, the update to iOS 17.2.1 now also contains “important bug fixes”. The installation is “recommended for all users,” according to the explanation of the update.

This addition often suggests that Apple wants to close more security gaps with the update. Although it is not yet known what security issues are involved, you should definitely install it.

When is iOS 17.3 coming?

In parallel to the update to iOS 17.2.1, Apple is already working hard on the next version iOS 17.3. This is already available to beta testers.

Apple is expected to make the new version available in mid-January. Among other things, there should be improvements for theft protection on the iPhone.

This is how you can install iOS 17.1.2

iOS 17.2.1 is already available for free download on your iPhone. The new update applies to all models starting with the iPhone XS.

If you want to install the update, you must first install the settings on your iPhone. In the “General” menu you will then find the “Software update” tab.

If you have set automatic updates, your iPhone should have updated to iOS 17.2.1 by now. If you run updates manually, you can trigger the installation using the “Update Now” button.

After confirming with your code, the update will install on your iPhone. Since it's only 1.15 GB in size, the installation should also be completed relatively quickly in just a few minutes, depending on your internet connection.

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