Many years of office work have shown that office work can have a negative impact on your health. Especially if we sit on a chair that is not back-friendly every day. To address this issue, we tested the Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14 to find out whether this ergonomic office chair delivers on its promises.

Before we invest in a new office chair, most of us are faced with the question: What makes an office chair really good? This is where ergonomics comes into play. Ergonomics is the adaptation of working conditions to people – and not the other way around! The goal is to create a positive working environment and to design the conditions in such a way that the least possible health risks arise.

The Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14 promises exactly that: your body is relieved and you can concentrate better on your work. But is there really anything to it? You can find out in our detailed test.

Zum Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14

Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14 im Test

In addition to functionality and ergonomics, design naturally plays a crucial role when choosing an office chair, and in this area the Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14 can easily keep up with other models.

The design, similar to other variants, is simple and modern at the same time. The “#14” refers to the color of the model, which is completely black. This means that the office chair fits into almost every home and is usually still pleasing to the eye even after a few years.

The seat of the Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14

The office chair comes with a breathable comfort seat. Thanks to the generous padding, it is guaranteed that you will feel comfortable sitting even after several hours.

The lever for adjusting the seat depth on the Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14 is located directly under the seat. A simple pull on the lever allows the seat to be moved to the desired position.

Tip: The ideal seating depth is reached when you sit at the very back of the chair and there is still one or two fingers of space between the front edge of the seat and your knees.

The height of the seat is adjustable and ranges from 41 to 51.5 centimeters. The height adjustment lever is conveniently located on the right under the seat and is easy to operate without much effort.

The backrest and the frame

The backrest, made of mesh material, is a characteristic feature of the Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14. Although at first impression you might think that a net is less comfortable than traditional padding, our test showed the opposite. The mesh back is not only breathable but also extremely comfortable.

Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14 backrest

The frame of all models is also black and plays a crucial role in making the office chair an ergonomic office chair. Similar to the Interstuhl Pure Active, the frame is designed to be springy.

The mesh backrest allows the chair to easily rock back and sideways, allowing for three-dimensional movement of the upper body.

On the left side under the seat there is a rotary knob that can be used to lock the backrest of the office chair. It is important to note that to promote ergonomic sitting, the backrest should not be rigidly fixed to allow some freedom of movement.

Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14 armrests

The armrests of the Interstuhl Every Active are made of a non-slip and comfortable material. They can be adjusted in both height and width. There is a push button at the front of both armrests that allows individual height adjustment. The width can also be adjusted by moving the backrests sideways.

Zum Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14

Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14: The three most important functions

As already mentioned, ergonomics plays a crucial role in your health. The following three functions make it clear what the Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14 can do.

1. Flextech-Mechanik

The Flextech mechanics aim to minimize the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time. Micro-movements and the concept of 3D sitting play a crucial role: thanks to the Flextech mechanics, the body automatically stays in motion.

This mechanism is not only ergonomic, but also fun. The ergonomic office chair encourages regular changes in posture, and studies show that active sitting can have positive effects. For example, it helps to reduce tension and premature fatigue. This way you can ensure that you don't feel any back pain even after a long day at work.

2. Synchronmechanik

The next function is the synchronous mechanism. This means that the seat of the office chair moves when you lean back. In other words: the seat tilts slightly backwards, while the seat angle remains comfortable.

Without the synchronous mechanism, the seat angle would become significantly larger. This often causes the hips to automatically slide forward, which is much more uncomfortable.

3. Lordosenstütze

The so-called lumbar support is located directly behind the mesh back. This is a flexible and pliable plastic plate. By simply pulling back, the height of the support can be adjusted and positioned individually.

The lumbar support stabilizes the lumbar region and relieves the strain on the back muscles. This way you always sit upright and ergonomically correct.

Conclusion: An ergonomic office chair that does what it promises

After the first test session, the ergonomic office chair left a positive impression. The Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14 was also convincing in the long-term test.

The quality of the chair and the ergonomic functions speak for themselves: with a price of 569 euros, the Interstuhl office chair is a worthwhile investment. Anyone looking to improve their back health will definitely get what is promised.

Zum Interstuhl EVERY ACTIVE Edition #14

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