In Germany, property owners and managers are legally obliged to install smoke detectors and maintain them regularly. Installation in residential properties is widely discussed and numerous articles are dedicated to the topic. But what does it actually look like with commercial real estate? We'll tell you what you need to know about smoke alarms for commercial properties and how the professionals at LUPUS can help you fulfill your obligations.

Smoke detectors in commercial buildings

For residential properties, smoke detectors are mandatory in bedrooms, children's rooms and hallways that serve as escape routes. And what is the situation in commercial premises? Is there an obligation for installation and maintenance there too?

In fact, this issue is handled differently in the commercial real estate sector. Only Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Saxony require smoke detectors to be installed in rooms that are regularly used for sleeping. In addition, in Saxony, hallways that represent escape routes must also have smoke alarms.

Instead, fire alarms are required by law in commercial properties and other fire protection measures must also be taken. Their use results from the building permit process and a fire prevention show.

Makes sense: Where smoke detectors are used

The use of smoke detectors involves more than just the simple installation. The annual professional maintenance of the smoke detectors on site is part of it so that you as a property owner or manager can meet your legal obligations.

This costs time and money because you have to make appointments for inspections and battery replacement. In addition, with many smoke detectors it is necessary to check them directly on site. The effort is enormous, especially if you manage several properties.

When buying smoke alarms, you shouldn't primarily pay attention to the design. Instead, what is important is a long battery life and, ideally, the function of fully automatic self-maintenance. Smartly chosen smoke detectors save costs and time, for example by eliminating the need for time-consuming inspections of the property for annual maintenance.

The smoke alarms from LUPUS

Property owners can therefore rely on smoke alarms from LUPUS. A long battery life of around 10 years reduces the costs of battery replacement.

Since the professionals at LUPUS know that smoke detector and maintenance obligations – as important as they are – drain a property owner's capacity, the LUPUS mobile smoke detectors have fully automatic remote maintenance and can be managed digitally via a cloud system.

In this way, annual on-site maintenance is no longer necessary and the statutory maintenance obligation is still met. If a smoke detector is defective, the system informs you directly via remote maintenance and alarms and you can act quickly. The administrative effort is reduced enormously and you can devote yourself to your day-to-day business without neglecting your duties as a property owner.

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