A new hypersonic aircraft could soon cover great distances at high speeds. For example, in less than two hours to New York – and with relatively climate-neutral hydrogen.

People have always been drawn to far away places. Nowadays, there are a number of planes overhead, day and night, bringing vacationers and business travelers to their destinations comparatively quickly and easily. But be honest: Who would want to sit in economy class for 20 hours and then spend seven to 14 days in Australia?

Some may still remember the Concorde airplane. The jet was traveling at insane speeds, connecting New York and London in less than three hours. But the aircraft was hardly worthwhile economically.

The loss of one machine then sealed the end of the jet. But such an era of transport could soon begin again. At least when it comes to a Swiss start-up.

Hypersonic aircraft can reach speeds of up to 6,000 kilometers per hour

Specifically, it is about the company Destinus. This develops the prototype “Eiger”, which should significantly reduce travel times by plane. The hypersonic aircraft reaches a speed of 6,000 kilometers per hour and flies at supersonic speeds.

The sustainability aspect is also interesting. The plane flies with liquid hydrogen and only emits heat and water vapor as a result. The fast flight is also relatively climate-neutral. In order for the jet to reach distant destinations quickly, it travels at an altitude of 50 kilometers.

From Frankfurt to Sydney in 4 hours and 15 minutes

Because the Eiger flies at the edge of our atmosphere, travel times are also reduced due to the lower air resistance. It takes about four hours from Frankfurt to Sydney. A flight to Tokyo takes around three hours. The jet manages the historic route from London to New York in 90 minutes.

So far, the company has been financed with money from investors. At the same time, the Spanish government recently contributed around twelve million euros. So the potential of the technology seems to be there.

In a first version, the jet may carry 25 passengers as early as this decade, and the capacity is then expected to increase to 100. The plane tickets, on the other hand, should not be cheap. Hydrogen is still significantly more expensive than kerosene.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/04/18/hyperschall-flugzeug/

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