With Berlin Flat Quest, two game designers have developed a humorous game that simulates the challenges and problems of looking for an apartment in Berlin.

Anyone looking for a new apartment for themselves or their family can face major challenges, especially in big cities. Rents are hard to afford, job interviews are crowded and various documents have to be obtained.

For all those who want to experience the process of looking for an apartment without any specific intention, there is now Berlin Flat Quest. This is a free game that simulates the challenges of looking for an apartment in Berlin in a humorous way. The game, developed by two local gaming designers, aims to find an affordable apartment – despite numerous obstacles and unexpected events.

Berlin Flat Quest: Game starts with search for advertisements

Players have to fight their way through a large number of applications and viewing appointments, while keeping an eye on the competition and their own finances. The game starts with a search for suitable advertisements, where the player can choose from various options. But every decision influences the further course of events, be it through high rents, long waiting lists or dubious landlords.

Numerous mini-games depict typical everyday situations of someone looking for an apartment, such as convincing the landlord or arriving on time for a viewing. Because of Berlin's sometimes chaotic traffic, even the journey is a real adventure. The game therefore captures frustration, stress, but also small successes – in a humorous way.

Presentation encourages reflection on the current situation

Berlin Flat Quest is characterized by a detailed representation of the Berlin housing market situation. The developers incorporated real content such as typical apartment advertisements, viewing appointments and excessive rent prices. The satirical elements and the humorous approach make the game an entertaining experience.

Players can enjoy the parallels to reality and at the same time gain valuable tips for their own apartment search. But Berlin Flat Quest is not only entertaining, it also makes you think. It playfully shows the problems and injustices of the Berlin housing market and allows players to understand the difficult situation of many apartment seekers.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2024/07/06/berlin-flat-quest-spiel/

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