The US company Boston Dynamics recently presented a new humanoid robot. It is called “Atlas” and is said to be able to move more flexibly than any robot before.

Robotics has made rapid progress in recent years. But so far no humanoid robot has made it to market. Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems to have taken a step in this direction with his Optimus models. Nevertheless, it will still take some time until the robot can fulfill all the necessary functions.

Another company working on humanoid robots is Boston Dynamics. The US group recently made significant progress. A team of engineers presented a new version of the Atlas robot.

This is a fully-fledged electrically powered robot that promises commercial application potential. Atlas thus marks a turning point in previous developments. Because previous models are primarily based on hydraulic systems.

Boston Dynamics: Humanoid robot is particularly flexible

Meanwhile, the use of electronics enables more efficient and agile construction. The new Atlas therefore stands out for its improved flexibility and mobility. The robot has 360° joints and can therefore carry out a variety of movements that were not previously possible.

A lighter and more compact design supports movements. At the same time, it protects the main components from possible damage. Similar to its predecessors, the new Atlas features a large status light on the head. It should use this to communicate its current system status.

There is also an illuminated power button so you can deactivate it at any time. Boston Dynamics designed the elements to make interaction with the robot more intuitive and accessible.

Getting up from a prone position is no longer a problem

But the points mentioned so far do not reflect the greatest strength of the Atlas. Because the biggest development lies in his movement sequences. This means that getting up from a prone position into an extremely deep squat is no longer a problem for him. This is made possible by the absence of hydraulic hoses.

Boston Dynamics calls the new Atlas the “most dynamic humanoid robot in the world.” With the built-in technology and the potential for commercial applications, the company wants to set new standards in robotics. How the system performs in daily practice remains to be seen.

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