Many 1&1 customers are currently furious due to a nationwide internet and mobile service disruption. Users are complaining about problems for the third day in a row. We'll tell you how you can claim compensation.

Customers of mobile operator 1&1 are still affected by an outage – for the third day in a row. A software update that was rolled out on the night of Monday, May 27, 2024, is apparently the cause of the problems. The company announced this in its help center.

1&1 cannot get the disruption under control

It continues: “As a result of the incident, there are still restrictions in parts of the network this morning (Tuesday: editor's note). We are working hard to remove these as well.”

The problem: Even on Wednesday, numerous 1&1 customers are still complaining about problems. It is unclear when the telephone and mobile internet will work again, as the company has not yet released any further information about the disruption.

There are apparently also problems with the mobile phone discount brands PremiumSIM, Simplytel and others that belong to the 1&1 group of companies.

1&1 Claim compensation

It could now be expensive for 1&1, because customers have the right to demand compensation from the third day of the disruption, as the Rhineland-Palatinate Consumer Advice Center writes on its website. It states:

If the provider is responsible for the damage and does not remedy the outage within two days, compensation can be claimed from the third day of outage. However, only if no alternative supply was offered.

And further: “The amount of compensation is regulated in the Telecommunications Act (TKG).” Consumers are therefore entitled to five euros in compensation on the third and fourth day of the disruption for each day of downtime. Or: “ten percent of the monthly basic fee, whichever is higher.”

According to the Rhineland-Palatinate Consumer Advice Center, compensation doubles from the fifth day of downtime. In concrete terms, this means that from then on, ten euros per day or 20 percent of the monthly basic fee can be claimed. This means that up to 30 euros in compensation is possible for a week of internet downtime.

For those affected who wish to claim compensation, the consumer organisation provides a sample letter on its website.

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