If you activate two-factor authentication on Twitter, you protect your account from unwanted access. You can use apps like Google Authenticator for this. In the future, authentication via SMS will only be possible via the Twitter Blue subscription.

Twitter has caused outrage among its users after the company announced it would be phasing out two-factor authentication via SMS from March 19, 2023. The short message service left that in one official blog post see through.

Twitter: Two-factor authentication via SMS only with a paid subscription

Numerous users have also already received a notification within the Twitter app. Accordingly, the company points out that the authentication methods via SMS must be removed by the deadline. Otherwise, affected users would lose access to the short message service.

According to Twitter, however, it is still possible to use the proof of identity via SMS after March 19, 2023 via the Twitter Blue subscription. Cost point in Germany: Eight euros per month or 96 euros per year. The outrage within the Twitter community was great.

2FA via SMS most insecure method of two-factor authentication

The accusation: Twitter wants to urge its users to subscribe to the Blue subscription. But it is not that simple. Because Twitter still offers its users free ways to use two-factor authentication – for example via an app. In addition, 2FA via SMS is even considered the most insecure method in this context.

So there is actually something good about the integration of two-factor authentication via SMS in Twitter Blue: It is a reminder that there are significantly more secure options for 2FA. In this respect, one could also say that Twitter is urging its users to be more secure – and free of charge.

Here’s how to set up two-factor authentication on Twitter

Meanwhile, to set up or change two-factor authentication on Twitter, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Twitter account via browser.
  2. Click on the menu item “More„.
  3. Then tap on “Settings and Support„.
  4. Then you open the section “Security and Account Access„.
  5. There you will find the tab “Two-factor authentication„.
  6. Now select your desired option.
  7. Twitter Blue subscribers can still “SMS” choose.
  8. Optionally, Twitter also offers proof of identity via Google Authenticator.
  9. Confirm your choice with your password.
  10. Should you have aauthentication app“, you have to scan a QR code with the corresponding application.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/02/21/twitter-zwei-faktor-athentifizierung-einrichten/

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