Apple has hidden some features on the iPhone. These can be activated with the help of certain codes. We’ll show you which shortcuts you can use on your iPhone.

The iPhone hides some functions that can sometimes be quite helpful for users. With the right codes, for example, you can call a withheld number or send a call directly to voicemail.

What shortcuts are hidden on iPhone?

The iPhone makes it possible to land a call directly on the other person’s mailbox. A simple numerical code is required for this, which depends on the respective provider.

All you have to do is integrate the two-digit number into the number of the called party. This is then between the provider area code and the remaining number according to the following pattern: 0151 CODE 1234567.

There are different codes for the various mobile phone providers in Germany. A two-digit number is required for each network operator:

  • T-Mobile 13
  • O2 33
  • Vodafone 50

Anonymous calls from iPhone

With your iPhone, you can also hide your number thanks to a shortcut. This works either for a single call or for all your outgoing calls.

If you generally want to suppress your number, activate this function with the shortcut *#31#. If you enter the same shortcut again on your iPhone, the function will be deactivated again.

On the other hand, if you only want to make a single call with a withheld number, you must put the code in front of the phone number of the called party. This works according to the following pattern: #31#PHONE NUMBER

Call waiting on an active call

If you are currently on a call but expect another call, the call waiting function can be helpful. If you want to know whether this function is activated, you can use the code *#43#.

To enable or disable the feature, you had to tweak the shortcut on your iPhone a bit. With *43# you can set the call waiting, with #43# you deactivate the function again.

Shortcuts iPhone: Forward calls

You can also forward calls to another number with a shortcut on your iPhone. With the code *#21# you can first check the status of the call forwarding.

You can activate the forwarding with the code *21TELEFONNUMMER#. With the shortcut *21# – without the phone number – you can then deactivate the forwarding again.

With this shortcut you can check the signal strength of your iPhone

If you want to find out how good the reception of your iPhone really is, you can also find out with a shortcut. For that you need the code 3001#12345# Enter and then press the call button.

Now the field test menu opens. In the LTE section, click on Service Cell Meas. Here you can read your mobile signal strength at rsrp0.

A value between -50 dB and -60 dB means a very good signal strength. The smaller the number, the worse the cell phone reception.

Unfortunately, reading the signal strength does not work on every iPhone. Apart from the iPhone model, it is also important which provider you are with.

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