Do you have a Windows partition on your MacBook but no longer want to use it in the future? We'll show you how to delete a partition on your MacBook.

A partition on the hard drive can be useful for MacBook users. This is especially true if a special program is required that is only available for the Windows operating system.

If this is the case, you can easily set up a partition on the hard drive on the MacBook. Windows can then be installed here and the corresponding program can be used.

If you have such a partition with Windows on your MacBook but no longer want to use it in the future, you can remove it in just a few steps.

Delete partition on Mac

Apple provides you with the Boot Camp program to remove a Windows partition on your MacBook. With Boot Camp Assistant, you can both create and delete partitions created using the assistant.

However, before you remove your partition from your MacBook, you should back up all data. Once the Windows partition is removed from your MacBook, all data stored there will also be deleted.

Please note that the Boot Camp procedure only works for MacBooks with an Intel chip. Newer models with Apple's M chips are not intended to use Boot Camp.

This way you can remove a partition in just a few steps

To delete a Windows partition on your MacBook, open Boot Camp Assistant. You can find this either in your Applications folder or using the Command and Space key combination. Here you can then enter Boot Camp – the assistant will already be suggested to you.

In the “Select tasks” section you will find the option “Remove Windows 10 or newer version”. Confirm your selection by clicking “Continue”.

Now there are two ways you can proceed. These depend on how many volumes are in your Mac. If you only have a single internal volume, select “Restore”.

However, if you have multiple volumes, select the volume from which you want to remove the Windows partition. Now click on “Restore hard drive as macOS partition” and confirm your selection with “Continue”.

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