Do you want to protect your smartphone from hackers? Then you can try this simple trick from the NSA to protect yourself from a cyber attack on your cell phone. We'll explain how it works.

Internet crime has developed at an ever-increasing pace in recent years. Of course, fraudsters don't even stop at mobile phones.

If you want to better protect your smartphone from hackers, you can do so with a very simple trick. According to the US secret service NSA, a regular restart of your device is sufficient.

How to protect your smartphone from hackers

In a document on best practices for smartphone security, the NSA describes that regularly restarting your smartphone can greatly increase security. According to the document, you should turn your smartphone off and on again once a week.

According to the NSA, this will give you better protection against so-called zero-click exploits, where fraudsters can collect your data or listen in on conversations. The risk of spear phishing, in which malware or spyware is installed on your smartphone, is also minimized by a regular restart, the NSA says.

Of course, this trick does not offer 100 percent protection against a cyber attack on your smartphone. There is also more powerful malware that is reloaded when you restart your phone. However, this measure can help in some cases.

How else you can protect your phone

Of course, you should also update your operating system and apps regularly to keep them up to date. These updates often close security gaps.

According to the US Secret Service, it is also advisable to only download a small number of apps onto your device. When downloading, you should also make sure to download them from official sites or stores.

The NSA also advises against connecting to public Wi-Fi networks or connecting your smartphone to public charging stations. You should also turn off the Wi-Fi function if you don't need it.

This also applies to Bluetooth and location services. The NSA particularly points out that Bluetooth is not always automatically deactivated in airplane mode. However, to increase your security, you should do this.

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