The technology in our smartphones is getting better and better – and with it the quality of our photos is also improving. At the same time, however, this means that we need an extremely large amount of storage space. So the question is: what happens to the photos? Leave on the smartphone? Use an external hard drive? Or is it cloud storage? Using the example of STRATO HiDrive, we show why this is a good and safe option.

Photos of the family, from the last vacation or the last party are particularly important to most of us. What used to be the photo albums are now the bins full of photos that we can rummage through regularly. However, many people do not want to store their photos in cloud storage because they think it is too insecure.

5 Misconceptions About Cloud Storage: What’s Really True?

Basically, cloud storage still has to contend with many prejudices. In the following we clarify the most important prejudices and show what is really true.

1. Prejudice: Photos are safer on a smartphone or computer

Physical devices such as smartphones or computers are generally the most insecure because they are the most vulnerable to damage. Unfortunately, this often results in data loss, which in turn often cannot be reversed. Hard drives in particular are very sensitive. These are often broken immediately if they just fall down. In addition, physical devices can be stolen, and access to the photos is then usually impossible.

However, if you save your photos in the cloud, they are not stored on a device. Servers in data centers are behind the cloud. These are among the safest places to store your data. In addition, the providers store your data redundantly, i.e. twice in different places.

For example, with STRATO HiDrive, all user files are stored redundantly in TÜV-certified data centers in Germany. And the data centers are in turn protected against damage in several ways.

2. Misconception: Backing up my photos to a cloud is much more complicated than to physical storage media

If you use an external hard drive as a storage medium, you have to connect and pack it away again and again. With cloud storage, users can upload their files directly to the cloud from any device. Even easier, many providers offer various software and apps that can automatically upload and sync the files in the background.

The STRATO HiDrive software for Windows or macOS is not only integrated into the operating system: Any folders or entire directory structures of the local device can also be automatically backed up to HiDrive. The software then regularly checks whether new data has been added that should be saved on HiDrive.

3rd prejudice: Others get access to my photos too easily because they are uploaded on the Internet

Anyone who publishes photos on social media is taking a much greater risk, since the images are usually public. With a cloud, however, it is exactly the opposite: Nothing is public unless you want it to be.

With reputable providers such as STRATO HiDrive, the data is “storage-encrypted”. This means that third parties cannot access the data without knowing the access data. Two-factor authentication also provides additional protection.

4th prejudice: I have no certainty what the provider does with my data

As everywhere, the following also applies before using cloud storage: Read the terms of use and the data protection declaration of the provider thoroughly. Only then do you know in detail what is happening with your data. Unfortunately, far too few users do this in practice.

Therefore, pay attention to the location of the company. This decides which law applies. A provider based in Germany is recommended, as the data protection rules are particularly strict here.

5th prejudice: I pay extra for really secure cloud storage

There are a variety of offerings that give the impression that you have to pay more for truly secure cloud storage. Therefore, pay attention not only to the price and the storage space, but also to the security that is offered.

In test reports in particular, it becomes clear that the solutions from German providers are priced at the same level as well-known US providers. For example, STRATO HiDrive can keep up with the prices of the US giants, but is ahead in terms of security and data protection. In addition, users have the certainty that their data remains in the country in which they live.

STRATO HiDrive: This is the largest German cloud storage

STRATO HiDrive is a German cloud storage facility that attaches great importance to security. The data is stored exclusively on servers in the TÜV-certified data centers in Germany. The optional end-to-end encryption offers additional security.

Regular backups ensure even more security for all photos and data. HiDrive automatically and regularly makes a full backup copy of all files. It is possible to create a backup every four hours, daily, weekly or monthly. This gives you the option of restoring accidentally deleted files at any time.

HiDrive is also completely climate-neutral. This means: CO₂ that is produced through the use of cloud storage is completely offset by STRATO through sustainability projects – including electricity, hardware used and more.

You can currently secure the anniversary offer from STRATO and only pay 0.50 euros per month for the basic tariff in the first six months. Take the chance now to save your photos safely with STRATO HiDrive!

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