Apple has developed a feature that allows you to better protect your email address. We’ll show you how to use Apple’s Hide Email Address feature.

Apple users have the option of protecting their email address and no longer have to enter it everywhere. To avoid this, Apple introduced the Hide Email Address feature.

How to hide your Apple email address

If you use the hide e-mail address function, Apple will generate a “unique, random e-mail address” every time you log in. This means you no longer have to enter your personal address on every website and in every account.

Apple points out that each generated email address is “unique”. Nevertheless, messages to you automatically end up in your mailbox.

You can also read these as usual and answer them directly. The only difference is that your personal email address is no longer displayed.

Here’s how you can use the feature

If you use the “Sign in with Apple” function on a platform, you can also hide your email address. With other sites or apps, however, this only works under one condition.

Because the use of the feature is linked to a subscription to iCloud+ outside of “Sign in with Apple”. The premium subscription for cloud storage from Apple offers you not only more storage space but also additional functions such as hiding your email address.

Hide Apple Email Address: The Requirements

The function to protect your private email address also depends on the corresponding operating system on your Apple device. You can use the feature in Safari on devices with iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey or later.

iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 or later operating systems also allow you to hide your email address in third-party apps.

However, you can also manage the function on your iPhone or iPad in your settings. On the MacBook, you can find this in the System Preferences. The hiding of the email address can also be set via the Mail app or on

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