When backing up data, they can easily be overlooked: the bookmarks in your browser. But if you also want to back up these regularly, you can also save them as a backup copy. We’ll show you how to export bookmarks in Firefox.

Losing data can sometimes have serious consequences these days. That is why data backups are regularly on the agenda for many people.

If you also want to regularly back up the bookmarks from your browser or take them with you when you move to a new browser, you can save these too. With Firefox, you have several options for exporting or securing your bookmarks.

Here’s how to export your bookmarks in Firefox

As with any other common browser, you can also export your bookmarks as an HTML file in Firefox. This works in just a few steps and allows you to protect your bookmarks against loss.

But this feature can also be helpful if you want to set up a new computer or switch to a new browser.

Step by step bookmark export

To export your bookmarks on Firefox, you must first open your browser. Now click on the three lines in the upper right corner of your browser window and open your menu.

From here, click on the Bookmarks menu item and then navigate to the “Manage Bookmarks” option. A window will now open where you can view your bookmarks library.

In the menu bar of this window you will find the option “Import and save bookmarks”, represented by two arrows. If you click on “Export bookmarks to HTML…” you can choose a storage location and save your bookmarks as HTML files.

Import bookmarks to Firefox

However, if you want to switch to Firefox from another browser, you can import your bookmarks from Safari or Google Chrome directly here.

To do this, navigate back to the Bookmarks Library and click on the “Import and Backup Bookmarks” option. Here you can not only import and export HTML files with saved bookmarks.

Because Firefox also offers you the option of importing bookmarks directly from other browsers. To do this, select the option “Import data from another browser…”. A window will then open in which you can select the appropriate browser.

Add bookmarks to your Firefox account

An even easier way to back up your Firefox bookmarks is with Firefox Account. If you have registered for an account in your Mozilla browser, you can also save your bookmarks here.

This way you can access your bookmarks on all your devices on which you use the browser. If you change devices or set up a new computer, all you have to do is log in again and you have direct access to your saved bookmarks.

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