The Berlin-based home network manufacturer AVM has presented a new router, the Fritzbox 7690. The company is marketing it as a high-end model for DSL connections. However, users have been heavily critical of it. The background.

At the beginning of June 2024, home network manufacturer AVM presented the Fritzbox 7690. The company markets the router as a new high-end model for DSL connections. It is intended to replace the popular Fritzbox 7590. AVM also praises the Fritzbox 7690 in a detailed YouTube video. However, the comments are full of criticism.

Fritzbox 7690: Not a worthy replacement for the 7590?

Only USB 2.0, no 6 GHz band and too few LAN ports: This is the almost unanimous opinion of the community about the new Fritzbox 7690. The reason: Many Fritzbox fans had obviously hoped for much more. “This is not a flagship,” said one user in the comments.

Others even speak of a “downgrade” or a “step backwards”. The fact is: the previous model 7590 had three USB 3.0 ports. The Fritzbox 7690, on the other hand, only has one USB 2.0 port. “Why do you do something like that?” asked one user. AVM writes:

When it comes to equipment, we always look at the most commonly used and future-proof use cases. And so the overall package of the FRITZ!Box 7690 represents a clear added value compared to the previous DSL models.

Alternative Fritzbox 5690 Pro?

The company also introduced the 5690 Pro model at the same time as the 7690. With a 6 GHz band, four LAN ports and a USB 3.1 port, it is significantly more powerful. However, this is also reflected in the price.

While the 7690 variant costs 329 euros according to AVM, the 5690 Pro has a RRP of 359 euros. The price-performance ratio is also causing criticism in the community. While the Fritzbox 7690 has been available since June 3, 2024, the 5690 Pro is still a long way off. AVM writes: “The market launch is planned for this month, we cannot give any more details.”

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